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Types of Loans We Help Investors With

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Fix and Flip / Rehab Loans


Our fix and flip (rehab) loan programs allow you to purchase investment properties, renovate them, and then re-sell them for a profit.  The loans are typically 12-month terms (longer terms are available case-by-case.  Quite naturally, the higher your credit score and the more projects you have under your belt, the better the terms.  However, we work with all credit types (from poor to excellent) and all experience levels (beginner to pro).  

Bridge Loans

Our bridge loan programs are short-term loans (usually 1 to 3 years).  They are intended for real estate investors who want to purchase their investment properties quickly and either renovate them or stabilize them so they can qualify for longer term loans in the future.  



With cash out refinancing you can convert your investment property's equity into cash for other investments or business pursuits.  

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Long Term Rental Loans
(Up to 30 years)

We can also help you obtain long term investment loans.  These loans are paid off over an extended period of time (usually between 5 to 30 years).  These loans are meant for investors who want to hold on to their properties for more than 12 months or for landlords who are interested in monthly cash flow.   

Commercial Real Estate Loans

We can help investors who want to purchase or refinance commercial properties.  We can also assist large scale builders and developers.  We have access to aggressive, creative, and well capitalized commercial private lenders. 

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What We Do

We introduce you to legitimate hard money and private lenders that are looking to do business with real estate investors just like you. 

We understand what each lender is looking for.  The way we structure and submit your deal enhances your odds for approval.  We present your deals to performance driven lenders who are capable of doing what they promise. We only work with credible sources who are well capitalized, honest, and dependable.

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