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Benefits of Using IFN for Your Next Deal

(in addition to being your one stop shop for investor funding and your direct connection to private lenders, here are some other benefits to consider):

  • You can leverage our extensive experience (over 125 years combined) to your advantage

  • We specialize in helping real estate investors (that's all we do). We know and understand real estate investing.

  • We help you find the right lender with the best terms possible

  • We will process your application and present your deal in a way that enhances your odds for approval (we know what lenders look for)

  • You don’t have to scour the internet looking for lenders and dealing with companies you don’t know.  A lot of lenders promote great terms but don't always perform as advertised.  The lenders in our network have been vetted and are dependable   

  • We work with many qualified lenders across the country to find you the best rates and the best terms available in today's market.

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